Cut Vinyl

Laser cut or CNC cut letters can make a huge impact on a sign. The 3d look is created by cutting out individual letters on Acrylic, Plexiglass or PVC type plastics that can be painted any color. Logos as well, just send me file and I can price it out that day.

Printed vinyl is 90% of the signs created. 3M vinyl decal material is printed with Eco-Solvent inks that are made for outside use. Most of the prints are laminated with a UV style laminate that comes in Gloss, Satin or Matte. Its then adhere to the materials above.

Cut Vinyl is used for individually cut lettering and logos to be applied to storefront windows and to trucks and vans which can use a combination of printed and cut vinyl. I use Oracal brand vinyl for these applications.

Aluminum Dibond is a type of composite sign material with a aluminum front and back face with a plastic core that has hit the sign market and is a huge seller here in Portland. It is lightweight and very durable and affordable. It allows you to make stunning graphics on a smooth flat surface. Size are usually 4ft by 8ft or 4ft by 10ft. It can also be cut to any size or even to shapes.


Aluminum Dibond

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‚ÄčAffordable Signs iN PORTLAND OR

Mesh Banners are used in a high wind area or on construction sites for fencing and tall buildings where wind is an issue.

Plexiglass aand plastic signs are a great way to display signs if you are looking to have a Gloss or Matte finish. Lexan is another plastic used in lightbox illuminated signs. PVC plastic is an affordable substrate used for displays or interior signs throughout a store or directional signs.

Laser Cut Letters

Banners are the most affordable material for quick signage that can be produced in a day. Exterior Heavy duty vinyl material that can withstand the Portland weather. I can produce any size up to 4.3 feet by any length. Larger banners require a small seam almost unnoticeable on large banners.

Plywood or MDO or marine type plywood are an excellent way to display a sign that needs some weight and or thickness. It comes in 1/2" or 3/4". Hanging signs are a perfect fit for this material. All sides and edges are sanded primed and painted to seal for Portland weather. Can be cut to any size. Sheets come 4ft by 8ft or 4ft by 10ft

Mesh Banners


Plexiglass / Plastics

Coroplast or "fluted plastic" is also an inexpensive way to get a quick sign for real estate signs or "for sale" signs and yard signs. Political signs are usually made out this material. Even though they are lightweight and cheap they can last a while outside.


Printed Vinyl